Jeanne Plettenburg

Jeanne Plettenburg advises in the field of (European) competition law and regulated sectors. Jeanne’s experience extents to all aspects of competition law.

Jeanne is particularly interested in how competition law works in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. Jeanne has extensive experience with sector-specific healthcare regulation. Jeanne advises healthcare providers and their trade associations in the field of healthcare contracting and procurement (for example in the context of The Right Care in the Right Place). Furthermore, she litigates on behalf of healthcare providers regarding disputes in the context healthcare contracting and procurement before, for example, the Authority for the resolution and settlement of healthcare contracting disputes. Jeanne is also familiar with objection and appeal proceedings against tariff decisions of the NZa.

Her most recent activities include:

  • Preliminary relief proceedings in relation to healthcare procurement and tenders with respect to the Wlz (long-term care), Wmo (social support), youth care and forensic care;
  • Advising healthcare providers in light of the duty of care, the early attainment of the turnover ceiling and a ban on new admissions;
  • Assisting a care provider in a fraud investigation by the NZa and a health insurer;
  • Successful complaints against several major healthcare insurers in the relation to breaches of NZa’s Healthcare Procurement Regulations;
  • Bring proceedings on behalf of various care providers before the NZa and/or the Dutch Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (CBb) regarding NZa tariff decisions (see here, here and here); and
  • Obtaining approval for mergers and acquisitions from the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) and NZa.

Jeanne is a member of the Dutch Competition Law Association and regularly publishes in journals such as ‘Markt en Mededinging’ and ‘Tijdschrift Mededingingsrecht in de praktijk’. Twice a year Jeanne provides an online course on current affairs in the field of competition law at AVDR.

Jeanne annually obtains at least ten training credits in the field of competition law in accordance with the standards set by the Dutch Bar Association.

Jeanne received her master’s degree (cum laude) in Law and Economics at Utrecht University in 2015. In 2014 she completed her studies of Dutch language and Culture (cum laude) at the same university. Before Jeanne was admitted to the Dutch bar in 2016, she worked as a paralegal and junior associate at Maverick Advocaten.

Contact details

Jeanne Plettenburg

T +31 20 238 20 09
M +31 61 341 70 71