Food recalls and enforcement by Dutch food safety regulator NVWA: main points of attention

In this blog we outline the main obligations for companies in the field of food safety, list the NVWA’s enforcement powers and address the topic of product recalls. Read more >

First auction of all national radio frequencies in 20 years coming up: a trial by fire for the radio world

Points of attention and pitfalls for the auction of national commercial radio licences Read more >

Former director liable for cartel fine and ordered to pay high damages

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a former director may be held personally liable for cartel agreements on North Sea shrimp trade. Read more >

New power for European Commission: review of foreign subsidies in M&A transactions and procurements

The European Commission has been given the power to review subsidies given to undertakings from countries outside the EU for market-distorting effects. Read more >

Do ACM’s more open standards present a risk to legal certainty? With great(er) power comes great(er) responsibility

ACM board chairman Martijn Snoep advocates more open standards. This gives rise to risks for companies. Companies need to know the rules within which they have to operate. Read more >

Stricter rules for online and offline sales: fake discounts curbed

ACM tightens supervision and enforcement on fake discounts: the main practical points of attention for online retailers. Read more >

Practical tools for applying sustainability exemption cartel prohibition: Article 210a CMO

Companies may rely on the sustainability exemption in the CMO Regulation. Which specific conditions apply? Read more >
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Autumn trends for 2023
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