Competition and sustainability: more room for sustainability agreements and ACM tackles misleading sustainability claims

Legislature clarifies relationship between sustainability agreements and the cartel prohibition. ACM intensifies the supervision of false sustainability claims. This blog summarises the latest developments. View blog >

Tighter cartel supervision: closer investigation, more fines and new regulations

The year 2022 promises to be a busy year in the field of cartels. Cartel investigations and dawn raids are back on the agenda. New laws and regulations are also in the pipeline, and cartel damage proceedings will be continued. View blog >

Merger review at Commission more accessible and rights of defence at ACM under pressure

In 2021, the M&A market recovered from the first corona crisis year. Despite new uncertainties in the world, intensive merger control will continue in 2022. View blog >

Seven new tips for businesses in consumer sales

ACM is still actively enforcing compliance with consumer rules. This blog addresses the latest developments and provides seven tips. View blog >

Monopolies and dominant positions: focus on pharma & big tech

The Commission and ACM remain critical of pharma and big tech companies. In this blog we address the developments regarding the prohibition on abuse of dominant positions. View blog >

Agri-food: Unfair Commercial Practices Act curbs purchasing power; more opportunities for sustainability agreements

A new era is dawning in the agri-food sector. ACM has been given a new enforcement instrument to take action against the purchasing power of retailers, and the sector will have more opportunities for sustainability initiatives. View blog >

New rules for distribution agreements

Beware of dual distribution and restrictions on price comparison sites. View blog >
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Spring trends for 2023
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