DMA and the role of national Member States: the long arm of Brussels?

The powers of national Member States in applying and enforcing the DMA are limited. Several EU Member States have criticised the European Commission as the central regulator. View blog >

After public transport, construction and infrastructure, is European hydraulic engineering now also “Made in China"?

Is there a solution to the unfair competition between European and Chinese bidders in European tenders? View blog >

Court clears way for truck cartel damage claim

In the damages proceedings against the trucking cartel, the Amsterdam District Court rejected the argument that the cartel never resulted in damage to customers. View blog >

Five tips for honest advertising about sustainable consumer products

ACM is investigating companies that provide misleading information about the sustainability of their products. This blog addresses the main rules of thumb. View blog >

End to regulatory holiday for healthcare insurers: are NZa and ACM finally setting their sights on healthcare insurers?

Late premium announcements and a policy jungle that runs rampant: health insurers have so far gotten away with everything at the Dutch Healthcare Authority and the Netherlands Authority for Consumer and Markets. Is change looming? View blog >

Restrictive practices in tendering procedures: when are they problematic?

The European Commission signals that collusion in procurement is becoming increasingly common, and has published a Notice with the aim of combatting this. View blog >
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