ACM's proposal to assess small acquisitions is ill-considered

Extra red tape, higher costs and more uncertainty for companies, now that ACM intends to assess small acquisitions: an ill-considered and unnecessary plan. Read more >

How can realistic rates be achieved in the social domain? Municipalities have duty to investigate and duty to inform

Municipalities are obligated to set realistic rates in the social domain. In this blog, we address recent developments and case law on realistic rates, key cost price elements, and municipalities’ duty to investigate and duty to inform. Read more >

Competition law developments autumn 2023

All key developments in competition law, market regulation, state aid and consumer law listed for your convenience. Read more >

ACM fines supplier again for resale price maintenance

ACM has fined LG for influencing retailers’ online prices. This fine highlights ACM’s focus on anti-competitive behaviour in distribution. Read more >

Ten tips on dawn raids by Netherlands Controlling Authority for Dairy and Eggs

In this blog, we discuss 10 tips that may help companies during announced and unannounced dawn raids by the Netherlands Controlling Authority for Dairy and Eggs (COKZ). Read more >

NZa and ACM extend regulatory holiday for health insurers: healthcare policy jungle rampant

New NZa and ACM rules on healthcare policies are another missed opportunity: NZa and ACM can and must do more to combat the policy jungle. Read more >

Agreements between suppliers and distributors: where are the boundaries?

In this blog we address the conditions that distribution agreements must meet under competition law. We also provide five practical tips for suppliers and distributors. Read more >
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Autumn trends for 2023
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