New CMO cartel prohibition sustainability exemption benefits agri-food and retail sector

Article 210a CMO opens the door to closer cooperation. View blog >

Agri, food and retail: more room for sustainability + focus on consumer law

Developments in the field of sustainability and consumer law reviewed. View blog >

Investment Screening Bill and FDI: investors beware of low reporting thresholds

The main developments regarding the new Investment Screening Bill, in particular the low reporting thresholds and specific regulations. View blog >

No more waiting lists or additional contracting in mental healthcare? Not without the NZa enforcing the duty of care!

Why is proactive enforcement by the Dutch Healthcare Authority of the NZa’s duty of care of insurance companies crucial to the functioning of our healthcare system and necessary to eliminate waiting lists for e.g. mental healthcare providers? View blog >

Mergers and acquisitions reviewable in new ways: will healthcare be an exception?

New paths to a filing and key changes in healthcare merger review. View blog >

Five tips for information exchange in due diligence investigations and M&A transactions. What is and is not allowed under the cartel prohibition?

The exchange of information between companies as part of a merger or acquisition may be prohibited. This blog summarises the main points for attention. View blog >

Adjustments to NZa merger test: more limited scope but more intensive review

The NZa will change its healthcare-specific merger test as of 1 July 2022 on three points. The changes are addressed in this blog. View blog >
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Spring trends for 2023
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