Cartel fine constitutes evidence of nullity of contractual provision

Decisions by competition authorities constitute evidence of the nullity of contractual provisions. It is up to national courts to decide to what extent a contract is void in whole or in part. View blog >

Trends spring 2023

All key developments in competition law, market regulation, state aid and consumer law listed for your convenience. View blog >

The Digital Markets Act: where do we stand and how do companies stand to benefit?

The DMA rules recently came into effect. This blog addresses the latest developments and what action companies will soon be able to take if gatekeepers fail to comply with the DMA. View blog >

Nutrition and health claims: a regulatory jungle

Priorities and checklist for food companies when using nutrition and health claims. View blog >

M&A transaction may contravene prohibition of abuse of a dominant position

The Court of Justice has ruled that a national competition authority may retrospectively classify a merger or acquisition that does come under the merger control rules as abuse of a dominant position. View blog >

Healthcare procurement 2024: exercise your rights in good time to secure a good contract!

Healthcare contracting for 2024 has commenced. This blog outlines 10 steps to secure a good contract. View blog >

NZa still wide off the mark in enforcement of health insurers’ duty of care

The NZa is doing too little to enforce its healthcare procurement duty. In this blog, we make suggestions to the NZa to clean up its act. View blog >
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Spring trends for 2023
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