Five tips for information exchange in due diligence investigations and M&A transactions. What is and is not allowed under the cartel prohibition?

The exchange of information between companies as part of a merger or acquisition may be prohibited. This blog summarises the main points for attention. View blog >

Adjustments to NZa merger test: more limited scope but more intensive review

The NZa will change its healthcare-specific merger test as of 1 July 2022 on three points. The changes are addressed in this blog. View blog >

ACM and European Commission step up action against abuse of dominant position of pharmaceutical companies

ACM and the European Commission are focusing their attention on abuse of a dominant position in the pharmaceutical sector. This blog lists the lessons that pharmaceutical companies can learn from the supervision by ACM and the Commission. View blog >

Buma/Stemra abuses dominant position and must pay damages

Court of Appeal rules that Buma/Stemra abused its dominant position in relation to suppliers of background music by applying unequal conditions to streaming services. Read more in this blog. View blog >

Sustainability of the agri-food supply chain and market power of retailers: an unhappy marriage. Does competition law offer a solution?

This blog concerns the Unfair Practices Act an de prohibition of abuse of dominance. It also addresses producer organisations, sustainability initiatives and below-cost sales. View blog >

Implementation of the Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions (Security Test) Act: vigilance already required

The Wet veiligheidstoets investeringen, fusies en overnames (Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions (Security Test) Act – the “Vifo Act”) introduces a test for investments in vital providers and sensitive technologies. This blog addresses the scope of application and the main points for attention of the Vifo Act. View blog >

Quality schemes, quality marks and the cartel prohibition: EU proposal to broaden the protection of geographical indications

Commission proposal to broaden current protected geographical indications scheme. This blog addresses the relationship between the cartel prohibition and quality schemes. View blog >
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