Order subject to a penalty for abuse by Apple of its dominant position

ACM has imposed an order subject to a penalty on Apple for abuse of its dominant position. Apple was also unsuccessful in preliminary relief proceedings challenging the penalty. ACM’s decision underlines the competition authorities’ focus on the digital economy. View blog >

New NZa regulations on the provision of information by health insurers: a missed opportunity or a conscious choice?

The NZa’s amended Regulations on the Provision of Information by Health Insurers to Consumers are also relevant to healthcare providers. More information on this subject is provided in this blog. View blog >

Monopoly without dominance? Disrupted railways

This blog addresses the CBb ruling of 1 June 2021, which reversed the €41 million fine imposed on NS by ACM. View blog >

ACM: from cartel watchdog to guardian angel for consumers

New investigations, dawn raids and higher fines. Read the latest developments in the enforcement of consumer rules by ACM. View blog >

Unfair Commercial Practices in The Agricultural and Food Supply Chain Act gives ACM new powers

The Wet oneerlijke handelspraktijken landbouw- en voedselvoorzieningsketen (Unfair Commercial Practices in the Agriculture and Food Supply Chain Act) entered into force on 1 November 2021. The Act aims to combat the excessive purchasing power of buyers in relation to suppliers in the food distribution chain. View blog >

Scrutiny of mergers and acquisitions continues

This blog summarises the developments in the review of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures by the European Commission and the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets. View blog >

Medicines: high competition fines; limitation of preference policy; security of supply

High fines in the medicines industry. Court limits preference policy. Brussels aims for easier access to generic medicines and biosimilars. View blog >
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