ACM and NZa’s supervision of healthcare joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions

This blog addresses the developments in the field of healthcare joint ventures and mergers. View blog >

ACM and consumers in 2021: what may companies expect?

The main developments in the field of consumer protection are addressed in this blog. View blog >

European Commission calls for notification of killer acquisitions

Merger control within the European Union is changing drastically. View blog >

The online gambling market is opening up: place your bets!

Since 1 April 2021, it is possible to apply for a license for online gambling. The licensing procedure is tough, so thorough preparation is crucial. View blog >

Measures aimed at improved legal protection in public procurement

On 12 February 2021, the State Secretary presented a proposal to the House of Representatives for accessible and improved legal protection in public procurement. What is the status of the entry into force of these measures? View blog >

Termination of distribution agreement on the grounds of price dumping in breach of cartel prohibition

The court has confirmed that a distribution agreement in a selective distribution system cannot be terminated on the grounds of price dumping. View blog >

Legal protection of tenderers in public procurement procedures: still in the future?

The EU Public Procurement Remedies Directive requires “real, rapid and effective legal protection” in public procurement procedures. How do these rules work out in practice? View blog >
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