Babylonian confusion in public procurement law

How should interpretation disputes regarding tender documents and awarded contracts be dealt with? A closer look at practice and case law. View blog >

How can healthcare providers exercise their rights in long-term care procurement and when does the NZa intervene?

Healthcare providers that provide care under the Wet langdurige zorg (Long-Term Care Act) are extremely dependent on care administration offices. What rules must care administration offices observe in the procurement of long-term care and when does the NZa intervene? View blog >

Forfeiture of rights in public procurement law: an end to the Grossmann defence?

A recent judgment of the Court of Midden-Nederland appears to significantly limit the impact of the Grossmann judgment. View blog >

Healthcare procurement and turnover ceilings: what can healthcare providers do to improve contracts?

The introduction of turnover ceilings regularly gives rise to conflicts between healthcare insurers and healthcare providers. In this blog we address a number of judgments related to inadequate turnover ceilings that have benefited healthcare providers. View blog >

The dynamic concept of a “body governed by public law” in public procurement law

The team of Maverick Advocaten wrote an article on "public law institutions" in procurement law. View blog >

The European Green Deal: what options are already available to contracting authorities?

The European Commission presented a set of proposals to achieve a 55% net reduction in CO2-emissions in the EU. Contracting authorities do not have to wait until these proposals are adopted to contribute to achieving these sustainability goals. View blog >

The dynamic concept of a “body governed by public law” and public procurement law

The concept of a body governed by public law has been in the spotlight for some time now. NS Stations, health insurers, housing corporations, healthcare administration offices: when exactly do private corporations come under public procurement law? View blog >
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