Maverick Advocaten is keen to make a contribution to the society in which we all live. Our objective is to make a positive difference where we can, which is why we actively support local projects.

For instance, we believe that all kids should be able to play sports, dance and make music. Maverick Advocaten is sponsor of the Youthfund Sport & Culture Amsterdam (Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur Amsterdam). The Youthfund creates opportunities for children between the ages of 4 and 18 who are growing up in families that lack the financial resources to let them join a sports club or cultural association. Maverick Advocaten makes it possible that 15 children from Amsterdam can join soccer, music lessons, gymnastics, street dance, judo, theater lessons or another sportive or creative activity every year. We also make an active contribution as a team by volunteering to help at sporting events in which the Youthfund is involved.

Sport is also essential to the development of people with disabilities. They often cannot keep pace with other people at a regular sports club, but do fit in at the Friendship Sports Centre in Amsterdam Noord: the only sports centre in Europe that is fully equipped to meet the needs of children and young people with disabilities. It offers 28 different types of sport and is used by more than 750 children every week. Maverick Advocaten sponsors the Friendship Sports Centre as a Special Friend in the belief that every child should be able to play sports.

We're also concerned about the predicament faced by lonely and vulnerable elderly people, which is why we also sponsor the Nationaal Ouderenfonds (National Foundation for the Elderly). The National Foundation for the Elderly draws older people out of their isolation and provides them with more social contacts and unforgettable memories. Our team occasionally gets to participate as a volunteer in one of the many projects of the Ouderenfonds. They include a boat trip around the Amsterdam canals on the MS de Jordaan and a visit to a show of Circus Sijm with a group of elderly people.

We realise full well that not everyone has the means to pay for high-quality, professional legal assistance. This is why Maverick Advocaten is prepared, in certain situations, to take up competition law cases with a major social impact on a pro bono basis. If you think you might qualify for this, you can contact one of the partners at our office.



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