Healthcare procurement and turnover ceilings: what can healthcare providers do to improve contracts?

The introduction of turnover ceilings regularly gives rise to conflicts between healthcare insurers and healthcare providers. In this blog we address a number of judgments related to inadequate turnover ceilings that have benefited healthcare providers. View blog >

The dynamic concept of a “body governed by public law” in public procurement law

Leyla Bozkurt and Tess Heystee wrote an article on "public law institutions" in procurement law. View blog >

The European Green Deal: what options are already available to contracting authorities?

The European Commission presented a set of proposals to achieve a 55% net reduction in CO2-emissions in the EU. Contracting authorities do not have to wait until these proposals are adopted to contribute to achieving these sustainability goals. View blog >

The dynamic concept of a “body governed by public law” and public procurement law

The concept of a body governed by public law has been in the spotlight for some time now. NS Stations, health insurers, housing corporations, healthcare administration offices: when exactly do private corporations come under public procurement law? View blog >

DMA and the role of national Member States: the long arm of Brussels?

The powers of national Member States in applying and enforcing the DMA are limited. Several EU Member States have criticised the European Commission as the central regulator. View blog >

After public transport, construction and infrastructure, is European hydraulic engineering now also “Made in China"?

Is there a solution to the unfair competition between European and Chinese bidders in European tenders? View blog >

Court clears way for truck cartel damage claim

In the damages proceedings against the trucking cartel, the Amsterdam District Court rejected the argument that the cartel never resulted in damage to customers. View blog >
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