High fine for information exchange between supplier and buyer within a dual distribution system

Exchange of information on future campaigns and prices within a dual distribution system may constitute cartel infringement. Read more >

Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and NZa miss opportunity to enforce duty of care

In this blog we outline the changes to the NZa Healthcare Procurement Regulations. In doing so, we will demonstrate why the NZa’s aim will not be achieved by means of those supplemented Regulations. Read more >

Dawn raid by ACM or the European Commission: do you have to cooperate and what are your rights?

ACM and the European Commission regularly conduct dawn raids. Your rights and obligations in such an event are addressed in this blog. Read more >

High fine for producer of Milka and Oreo for restricting parallel trade

The European Commission has fined Mondelez for imposing territorial restrictions on customers, in violation of competition rules. Read more >

ACM intensifies supervision of greenwashing and stricter EU rules on environmental claims and carbon offsetting.

ACM has made sustainability a spearhead for 2024 and the Commission has proposed new sustainability legislation: we take stock in this blog. What should companies watch out for? Read more >

A request for information on your business is filed under the Open Government Act: what can you do?

Requests under the Open Government Act may lead to the disclosure of sensitive business information. In this blog, we explain what you can do in such a case. Read more >

REMIT revised: strict rules for energy traders

The REMIT Regulation prohibits insider trading and market manipulation, and imposes transparency obligations on parties active on the energy market. REMIT was revised last month, whereby its scope was expanded. Some of the key topics are addressed in this blog. Read more >
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Autumn trends for 2023
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