Telecom & Media: content and consolidation determine the playing field

Mergers, multiband auction and net neutrality are high on the agenda.  View blog >

Cartel damage claims: the calm before the storm

Developments abroad affect Dutch cartel damage proceedings.  View blog >

Increased pressure on the NZa and ACM

Plenty of challenges: healthcare mergers, expensive medicines, duty of care and free choice of doctor.  View blog >

The cartel prohibition in dynamic times

ACM and the Commission continue their hunt for cartels and anticipate changing markets.  View blog >

Trends for 2018

Despite the firm rap on the knuckles administered by the ECJ last year in the Intel case, the Commission is undaunted in the field of abuse of a dominant position.  View blog >

Closer supervision on mergers and gun-jumping

Supervisors examine concentrations more substantively and are more focused on violations.  View blog >

Abuse of a dominant position in the spotlight

Further clarifications on the special responsibility of dominant companies.  View blog >
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Trends for 2018
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Summer trends for 2017
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