Practical tools for applying sustainability exemption cartel prohibition: Article 210a CMO

Companies may rely on the sustainability exemption in the CMO Regulation. Which specific conditions apply? View blog >

Latest developments and first experiences regarding supervision of investments in sensitive sectors

This blog addresses the latest developments in the field of the new supervision of acquisitions of and investments in vital providers and companies with sensitive technology (Investments Screening Bill – "ISB" or Wet Vifo). We also share our first experiences with new regulator BTI. View blog >

Best price guarantees for online platforms: violation of cartel prohibition?

The Amsterdam Court plans to submit preliminary questions to the Court of Justice to assess whether’s parity clauses may fall under the cartel prohibition. View blog >

Medicines and competition law: Court of Justice upholds cartel fine for pay-for-delay agreements

The Court of Justice’s ruling in the Lundbeck case is addressed in this blog View blog >

ACM takes medical device sector under scrutiny

The ACM has commissioned research into the medical device market. This blog lists the ACM’s key findings. View blog >

Consumer law developments and five tips for sustainability claims

This blog addresses the latest developments in consumer law enforcement and provides practical tips for corporate sustainability claims. View blog >

ACM intensifies its scrutiny of sustainability claims

The ACM is setting its sights on consumer law and sustainability. Companies are well advised to check and, if necessary, clarify their sustainability claims. View blog >
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