European court ruling on UEFA and Super League fight puts sports associations on edge

The European Court of Justice rules that FIFA and UEFA restrict competition by excluding Super League – but FIFA and UEFA may attach conditions to new competitions. Read more >

Unfair e-commerce practices: four high-profile cases and a look ahead

In this blog, we address four remarkable ACM decisions related to consumer protection in online sales. Read more >

Parallel imports of plant protection products: labelling requirements and competition law concerns

The labelling requirements and various competition law concerns regarding parallel imports of plant protection products are addressed in this blog on the basis of the Syngenta/Agro Trade judgment of the European Court of Justice. Read more >

Prohibited job market cartel agreements: beware of no-poaching agreements and other restrictions

Authorities are increasingly investigating prohibited price-fixing agreements between employers, which is giving rise to high fines. In this blog, we address the points of attention for employers and HR professionals. Read more >

Five practical tips to avoid gun jumping in M&A-deals

Avoid high competition law fines for breach of notification and standstill obligations. Read more >

If the Ministry of VWS and the NZa want the IZA to succeed, they must call health insurers to account for non-compliance

Healthcare procurement offices do not always comply with the IZA: The Ministry of VWS and NZa can and must monitor non-compliance with the IZA more closely and call parties to account if they fail to meet their responsibilities. Read more >

NZa changes healthcare merger review in breach of Integral Care Agreement and ACM wishes to review more healthcare mergers after backing down on prohibited healthcare mergers

Tightening the NZa merger review increases the administrative burden for healthcare providers; ACM was reprimanded by the court but remains critical in reviewing healthcare mergers. Read more >
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Autumn trends for 2023
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