We are highly experienced litigators in the areas of competition law, economic regulation, procurement law and consumer law. 

For a long time already, competition law is not solely being enforced by administrative bodies and regulators. Private enforcement of competition law is just as important nowadays. Where administrative law still provides administrative bodies with the discretion to, for instance, dismiss complaints (also known as deprioritisation), general civil courts are obliged to assess competition complaints on their merits.

Private enforcement also plays a role in follow-on cartel damage claims: the recovery of loss by customers following an infringement of competition law. The Netherlands offers an attractive forum for filing claims for compensation in international cartel cases. Maverick Advocaten closely monitors developments with respect to follow-on cartel damage claims (see here and here) and currently handles various cases in this field. 

Out-of-court settlements and informal procedures are often the most efficient way of resolving disputes with other companies or supervisory authorities. The uncertainty of litigation and the related costs do not always outweigh the benefits of a possible victory in court. Our lawyers will always advise you honestly if they believe that litigation may perhaps not result in the best possible outcome for you.

The financial interests involved are sometimes so significant or the points of dispute amount to matters of principle that litigation is the correct route to follow. In that case, Maverick’s lawyers are pre-eminently suited to represent you. As experienced litigation lawyers, they have represented various companies in numerous, often comprehensive and complex proceedings, in their disputes with supervisory authorities and other companies. Our lawyers have an excellent track record. They will work out a strategy in consultation with you in order to guarantee the best possible result.

We know from experience that some proceedings extend to several different (legal) areas. Where necessary, we can rely on our wide network of specialised leading law firms and experts, some of which are affiliated with universities. We shall, of course, always engage any third parties in consultation with you. 

The result is of primary importance in litigation. We realise that legal knowledge is not enough to win cases; knowledge of the facts is just as important. For this reason, each case begins with fact-finding, followed where necessary by critical and persistent questioning, without losing ourselves in details.


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