Maverick Advocaten: 'a true strategic partner'

Het internationale onderzoeksbureau Legal500 heeft Maverick Advocaten ook dit jaar weer hoog genoteerd in de lijst van Nederlandse advocatenkantoren op het gebied van EU en mededinging en zorg en life sciences.

De veelbelovende start van Cyriel Ruers werd beloond met een plek in de lijst van “next generation partners” in het mededingingsrecht. De vermeldingen van Martijn van de Hel in de lijst van “leading individuals” op het gebied van mededinging en Diederik Schrijvershof in de zorg en life sciences sector werden gecontinueerd.

De ranking van Legal500 is gebaseerd op aanbevelingen van cliënten, bedrijfsjuristen en andere advocaten. De reacties uit de markt waren onder meer:

‘Great, accessible, and very knowledgeable team regarding state aid law.’

‘The firm is specialised in antitrust law. Its strong focus makes it the most agile and hands on team for specific questions, be they regulatory or tactical. We mainly engage them in mergers and acquisitions and they never say: “Impossible”. Their strength, besides focus, is the quality of the team: extremely responsive and reliable. They have a transparent and fair billing system. The size of the firm, not too small and not too big, enables a quick question & answer session when required.’

‘The Maverick team is very well attuned to each other and always has the up-to-date information and the same passion for the business. You also feel the fanaticism and commitment to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.’

‘Very focused and experienced team of anti-trust lawyers. Accessible and proactive. Value for money. Very much into the healthcare sector.’

‘The Maverick team has a very pragmatic and responsive attitude. Characterized by dealing quickly and appropriately with cases presented to them.’

‘Maverick Advocaten was recommended to us because of their expertise in competition law. We have experienced working with this office as very pleasant. Their specialism has helped us very well in an IP procedure in which competition law suddenly came as a surprise.’

‘They have knowledge of the current state of affairs and all decisions and publications leading to it in the field of regulatory. When discussing a case they also know right there how to approach the issue. Strong strategy; anticipate what is coming next.’

‘When it comes to competition law I prefer working with Maverick. They are approachable specialists, creative, quick, to the point and understand what the client needs. Maverick thinks about what is possible and not what is impossible and for that they really distinguish themselves from other law firms.’

Over de partners van Maverick wordt onder meer geschreven:

‘Diederik Schrijvershof is a pragmatic thinker, with in depth industry knowledge in healthcare.’

‘Martijn van de Hel has the ability to combine his thorough legal knowledge with strategic thinking. A winning combination.’

‘Diederik Schrijvershof has overwhelming knowledge of the healthcare business. Fast thinker, strategically strong. Martijn van de Hel is thorough’

‘Martijn van de Hel is a true strategic partner. He is approachable, gives hands-on advice and has a lot of adequate knowledge. He dares to think in possibilities and search for loopholes.’

‘Martijn van de Hel is a to-the-point advisor who understands the complexity of decision-making processes within healthcare organisations. Not afraid to voice his opinion and to provide clients with practical advice.’

‘Martijn van de Hel is an easily accessible person with extensive knowledge of competition law. He thinks strategically and is able to quickly and efficiently extract the relevant matters from a file. Due to his very extensive knowledge of the subject matter, he is able to convey the essence of a case to the judges briefly and powerfully. His open character and humor make him a pleasant person to work with.’

‘Martijn is a fantastic lawyer who shows enormous commitment. Martijn is very clear in simply explaining the legal issue in the language of the client. He makes you feel that your case is the only thing he is working on and shows a huge commitment. He never gives up and communicates very clearly what the strengths and weaknesses are in the case. Especially the strengths he brings out and in addition to his drive, he often knows how to strike the right chord with his humor.’

Maverick Advocaten kreeg onlangs ook uitstekende beoordelingen voor mededinging en zorg in de gidsen van Chambers en Global Competition Review.

Wij beschouwen deze noteringen opnieuw als een belangrijke waardering van onze cliënten en peers voor het werk van ons team.

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