Sustainability agreements, competition law and the cartel prohibition: how to proceed?

That there will be a legislative proposal introducing a sustainability cartel, was obviously an April Fools’ Day joke. But what is the status of the Legislative proposal general applicability sustainability initiatives? And how to make sustainability agreements work? View blog >

Consumer law: the customer is still king, also for ACM and the European Commission

ACM will maintain its focus on web shop compliance with consumer rules. The European Commission is evaluating the necessity of an amendment to consumer law. View blog >

Opportunities and restrictions in procurement law

Amendments to the Public Procurement Act and case law will create new opportunities as well as drawbacks for tenderers and contracting authorities. View blog >

E-commerce: towards a digital single market!

E-commerce and its consequences for competition policy are major issues for many authorities. View blog >

A boost for healthcare supervision and the assessment of healthcare mergers

More intensive supervision of the healthcare sector in 2017. What will the investigation of ACM into competition between healthcare insurers yield? View blog >

Competition law and big data: big problems?

Competition authorities are trying to improve their understanding of how to deal with big data. View blog >

More clarity in cartel damages cases

The Netherlands retains its leading position as regards follow-on cartel damages claims, partly by providing clarity on important matters of dispute. View blog >

Spring trends for 2023
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