Merger control: gun jumping on the radar

Mergers are examined thoroughly, on both substantial and procedural aspects. Read more >

ACM and the cartel prohibition: a hot summer

ACM is increasingly actively focusing on cartels; courts remain critical. Read more >

Agricultural and food sector: position of farmers and buyer power of supermarkets

The European Commission is investigating whether a purchasing alliance of supermarkets is compatible with competition law. The Commission is also investigating amendments to the Common organisation of the markets (CMO) in agricultural products. Also in the Netherlands progress has been made. We provide an overview of these and other developments in the agricultural and food sector. Read more >

The Netherlands even more attractive for cartel damages claims

The Netherlands strengthens its leading position in the field of cartel damages claims. Recent bills aim to facilitate damages claims in collective actions and international dispute resolution. Developments in the United States are likely to boost damages claims in the Netherlands. Read more >

State aid: on tax breaks, housing associations, hospitals, subsidies and football clubs

Impermissible state aid is wider than tax breaks which EU Member States might give to multinationals through tax rulings. Housing associations, hospitals and football clubs for example can also come into conflict with state aid rules and the European Commission. Read more >

Developments in merger control: lower turnover thresholds and more merger filings

Whether transactions need to be notified to the competition authorities depends often on the question whether the undertakings concerned exceed certain turnover thresholds. In Europe there are counties, like Germany, where thresholds are being lowered. Will the Commission follow this development and what is to be expected in the Netherlands? Read more >

Sustainability agreements, competition law and the cartel prohibition: how to proceed?

That there will be a legislative proposal introducing a sustainability cartel, was obviously an April Fools’ Day joke. But what is the status of the Legislative proposal general applicability sustainability initiatives? And how to make sustainability agreements work? Read more >

Autumn trends for 2023
Read more >


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