Telecom and Media 2019

Convergence, competition and (limitless) content determine landscape in 2019. Read more >

E-commerce and competition law

The Netherlands is no longer a free port for vertical restrictions. Read more >

Cartel watchdog comes out of hibernation

ACM promises more and faster fines in cartel formation. Read more >

Healthcare: ACM and NZa must pull out all the stops in 2019

Critical merger control, enforcement of cartel prohibition, supervision of contracting, and waiting times. Read more >

Trends for 2019

This newsletter outlines the most important trends in the field of competition law. Read more >

Telecom sector market analyses update (2019)

This blog provides an overview of the previous regulatory period in the telecom sector, as well as the current regulatory period. Read more >

Pharma and medical devices controversial issues at ACM and NZa in 2019

Expensive medicines high on the agenda of European supervisory authorities: what is ACM doing? And what about medical devices and supervision of NZa? Read more >

Autumn trends for 2023
Read more >


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