Crisis cartels and state aid as a solution to the corona pandemic

Crisis cartels and flexible state aid rules as a solution to corona pandemic consequences? Read here what companies can do. Read more >

Seven new tips for companies regarding online consumer sales

The ACM published Guidelines on the protection of online consumers. In this blog, the most important tips for companies in online consumer sales are listed. Read more >

Proposed ban of healthcare mergers untenable and counterproductive

The Minister for Health, Welfare and Sports wants to create a de facto merger ban for certain healthcare providers. In this blog we discuss why the proposal could be counterproductive and harmful to the healthcare sector and the patient. Read more >

ACM imposes record fine for deleting WhatsApp chats in cartel investigation

The ACM has imposed a high fine on a company for failure to cooperate, because employees deleted WhatsApp chats during a dawn raid. Read more >

ACM broadens price arrangement possibilities for self-employed persons

The ACM has made it easier for self-employed persons to make price arrangements. Read more >

Franchise and competition: case law and developments

Franchise agreements: the thresholds for non-compete clauses, resale price maintenance and restriction of online sales. Read more >

Waiting lists, ban on new admissions and duty of care: what can and must the NZa (and you) do?

What are the tasks and powers of NZa when it comes to the healthcare procurement obligation of health insurers? Read more >

Autumn trends for 2023
Read more >


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