Upshot of the Coty judgment: supplier may prohibit distributors from selling via online marketplaces

A supplier of luxury goods may prohibit distributors in a selective distribution system from selling via internet platforms. However, not all the National Competition Authorities are willing to accept this premise. German companies in particularly must be on their guard in the meantime. Read more >

Non-compete clauses and the cartel prohibition: beware of unnecessary restriction of competition

This blog provides an overview of recent Dutch case law regarding non-compete clauses. The case law shows that a proper substantiation of the relevant market and the market position of the contracting parties make all the difference. Read more >

Consumer watchdog both barks and bites

Enforcement of consumer rules remains top priority of ACM. Read more >

E-commerce, geoblocking and Digital Single Market

Consumer protection is becoming increasingly important for supervisors Read more >

Telecom & Media: content and consolidation determine the playing field

Mergers, multiband auction and net neutrality are high on the agenda. Read more >

Cartel damage claims: the calm before the storm

Developments abroad affect Dutch cartel damage proceedings. Read more >

Autumn trends for 2023
Read more >


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