ACM broadens price arrangement possibilities for self-employed persons

The ACM has made it easier for self-employed persons to make price arrangements. Read more >

Franchise and competition: case law and developments

Franchise agreements: the thresholds for non-compete clauses, resale price maintenance and restriction of online sales. Read more >

Waiting lists, ban on new admissions and duty of care: what can and must the NZa (and you) do?

What are the tasks and powers of NZa when it comes to the healthcare procurement obligation of health insurers? Read more >

Why does ACM's Santeon letter miss the point? ACM, solve real problems in the healthcare sector first!

The ACM stipulates conditions to collaboration between Santeon hospitals without proper substantiation but ignores healthcare insurers' abuse of their purchasing power and jungle of policies. It is time for a new approach in ACM's supervision of the healthcare market. Read more >

Two-faced public authorities and Dutch Act on Government and Free Markets: not always an economic activity or in the public interest

The jurisprudence shows that it can pay off for private companies to litigate against a competing government. Read more >

Better fact-finding in ACM cartel investigations? Expand the right of suspects to examine witnesses!

Renewed call for an expansion of the right of suspected cartelists to be heard by the persons concerned. Read more >

Geo-blocking: new online sales regulations

The Geo-Blocking Regulation on online sales recently entered into force. What consequences will it have for companies? Read more >

Autumn trends for 2023
Read more >


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