Maverick Advocaten: 'amongst the top firms in competition law and clearly on the ball'

Het internationale onderzoeksbureau Legal500 heeft Maverick Advocaten ook dit jaar weer hoog genoteerd in de lijst van Nederlandse advocatenkantoren op het gebied van EU en mededinging en zorg en life sciences.

De ranking van Legal500 is gebaseerd op aanbevelingen van cliënten, bedrijfsjuristen en andere advocaten. De reacties uit de markt waren onder meer:

‘The Maverick team is not only amongst the top firms in their field in The Netherlands, but it also provides consistently better value for money. They deliver when promised and give us advice that is actionable. I wish we could find similar teams in other jurisdictions.’

‘Maverick is in a very specific niche (competition), and within that niche with a clear strategy to represent the market against regulators. The team is well attuned to each other, and as to the (legal) merits ‘clearly on the ball’.’

‘Maverick thinks along about what is possible and not what is impossible and for that they really distinguish themselves from other law firms’.

‘Maverick combines legal expertise, a thorough understanding of business and markets, and valuable relationships with the relevant authorities to provide high-quality legal advice’.

‘Small team with excellent expertise: can match the quality of the big firms, with the guaranteed engagement of the partner(s) on the file as you find with niche firms. Their marketing campaigns are always innovative and daring with a funny link to latest developments in competition law.’

Over de partners van Maverick wordt onder meer geschreven:

‘Martijn van de Hel is one of the most entrepreneurial and committed advisers I have come across. He thinks like his clients, he advises them like a friend and, when necessary, fights for them like family. His legal expertise is amongst the best. He is incredibly proactive, diligent and fair. Not afraid to stick his neck out. Most Valuable Player in his field, as far as I can tell.’

‘Martijn van de Hel: a sharp, strategic lawyer with humor, who feels ‘at home’ against the regulator. He is very well aware and knows the relevant context, environment and factors in a file. And more importantly: the regulator knows he knows.’

‘Diederik Schrijvershof is proactive, approachable and very responsive.’

‘Martijn van de Hel is a seasoned and excellent lawyer combining technical expertise with a hands-on approach and a down-to-earth mentality. Able to level with the client and other counsel in an amicable and constructive manner, yet firm when required.’

Martijn van de Hel is daarbij opnieuw opgenomen in de lijst van “leading individuals” op het gebied van mededinging en Diederik Schrijvershof wordt wederom vermeld als “next generation partner” in de zorg en life sciences sector.

Maverick Advocaten kreeg onlangs ook uitstekende beoordelingen voor mededinging en zorg in de gidsen van Chambers en Global Competition Review.

Wij beschouwen deze noteringen opnieuw als een belangrijke waardering van onze cliënten en peers voor het werk van ons team.

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Martijn van de Hel

T +31 20 238 20 02
M +31 6 21 210 853

Diederik Schrijvershof

T +31 20 238 20 03
M +31 6 81 364 318