Maverick Advocaten litigates on behalf of care provider against award decision in Amsterdam under the Social Support Act

Diederik Schrijvershof and Leah Peeters are representing a care provider in preliminary relief proceedings against the municipality of Amsterdam. In these proceedings, the care provider is challenging the decision of the municipality of Amsterdam to award a contract relating to care under the Wet maatschappelijke ondersteuning (Social Support Act). The care provider believes that the municipality wrongly arrived at the award decision, partly because it failed to adequately substantiate the decision. The municipality furthermore failed to make it clear how the duty of care will be safeguarded.

Maverick was also previously successful in preliminary relief proceedings on behalf of care providers in the procurement/tendering of, among other things, GP care, acute psychiatric care (see here and here), forensic care, youth care, SGLVG (Serious Behavioural Problems and Mild Intellectual Disability) care, long-term care (also on appeal) and care under the Social Support Act (see also here), and against excessive market power of health insurers.

More information can be found at Five tips on tendering in the social domain are provided in this blog.

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