Maverick Advocaten successfully assisted acute mental healthcare providers at NZa

Diederik Schrijvershof and Jeanne Plettenburg assist several mental healthcare (GGZ) providers in the context of a cost-covering compensation for acute GGZ. In 2020, the procurement of acute GGZ is carried out in representation in 28 different acute GGZ districts. The reimbursement of acute GGZ is based on availability. Hence, healthcare providers must agree upon the requirements of suitable acute GGZ with insurers, given that these requirements have to be aligned with the Generic Module Acute Psychiatry (GMAP) in the district for which they are responsible. The NZa then issues decisions on the basis of which providers can claim expenses of acute GZZ from the healthcare insurer. Diederik Schrijvershof and Jeanne Plettenburg successfully assisted several GGZ providers in achieving a cost-covering decision by the NZa in 2020.

Maverick Advocaten frequently acts on behalf of healthcare providers who are faced with tariffs of rates that do not meet the costs for the care that should be provided or other unreasonable terms and conditions of the healthcare procurers. Maverick Advocaten has previously been successful in acting on behalf of forensic healthcare providers that instituted a preliminary relief procedure against the Custodian Institutions Agency (“DJI”) when they were charging too low rates for forensic care (including hospital orders). Maverick Advocaten also litigates against the tariff decisions of the NZa when it comes to specialised mental healthcare (“sGGZ”) and forensic care of the NZa. For more information see

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