Maverick Advocaten in RTL Nieuws, Hart van Nederland and the Volkskrant on forensic care preliminary relief proceedings against the State

Several media have reported on the preliminary relief proceedings by eight forensic care providers against the Custodian Institutions Agency (DJI), a division of the Ministry of Justice and Security, conducted on 14 January 2020 before the Court of The Hague. A team of Maverick Advocaten, consisting of Diederik Schrijvershof, Martijn van de Hel and Jeanne Plettenburg, is representing Inforsa, De Forensische Zorgspecialisten and Fivoor (a joint venture of Parnassia Groep and Altrecht) and five parties that have joined the proceedings, namely Dichterbij (Stevig), GGNet, GGzE, Reinier van Arkel and Trajectum. These providers believe that the tariffs charged by DJI for forensic care, including hospital orders, are insufficient to offer high-quality and safe care. They have instituted proceedings for that reason.

Both Hart van Nederland (SBS6) and RTL Nieuws (broadcast of approximately 15 minutes) paid attention to the legal action in their broadcasts. A report of the hearing was published in the Volkskrant newspaper and on the Skipr healthcare website. Background articles were published in Trouw, Het Financiele Dagblad, Zorgvisie and Het Parool. The case was also in the news on the radio (BNR and NPO Radio 1) and in a podcast.

The court will pass judgment on 28 January.

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