Maverick Advocaten in Dutch newspaper on preliminary relief proceedings on low tariffs forensic care

Maverick Advocaten has been interviewed by Dutch newspaper Het Parool on the preliminary relief proceedings of Inforsa (part of the Arkin) and several other healthcare providers against the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency (“DJI”) due to the fact that the imposed tariffs for forensic care by the DJI were too low. Het Parool notes: “The institutions have initiated preliminary relief proceedings after a failed negotiation process”. “The minister has a problem, because he is responsible for the implementation of mandatory treatments”, says Maverick Advocaten who is representing the three institutions. “Forensic healthcare is not free of charge. The ministry applies rates that are far below the price set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (“NZa”).” Read the article here (in Dutch).

Martijn van de Hel and Diederik Schrijvershof represent Inforsa, Stichting De Forensische Zorgspecialisten and Fivoor (a joint venture of Parnassia Groep and Altrecht). The preliminary relief proceedings also received attention in other media, see here, here and here. The problems raised by the three mental healthcare providers mentioned above, can rely on support from the sector, see here. The Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction care (“GGZ Nederland”) also posed questions to DJI, see here. Earlier this year, GGZ Nederland and several other forensic mental healthcare providers had already been forced to file an objection against the lowering of the rates for forensic healthcare by the NZa. This administrative proceeding is still pending.

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