Maverick Advocaten in podcast series Academie voor de Rechtspraktijk

In the podcast series of the Academie voor de Rechtspraktijk (AvdR), legal professionals discuss current affairs in their field of law.

Martijn van de Hel and Diederik Schrijvershof recorded two podcasts on competition law topics.

The episode Abuse of dominance in the digital world deals with the unbridled power of the tech giants such as Google, Meta and Amazon. Worldwide regulators are trying to curb the abuse of power, such as the ACM that is now targeting Apple.

In the episode New block exemption for distribution agreements, Martijn and Diederik discuss the exception to the cartel prohibition that makes vertical agreements between suppliers and buyers possible. However, strict conditions are attached to this, as evidenced by the million dollar fine imposed on Samsung for allegedly influencing the prices applied by distributors.

You can listen to the podcasts here (only available in Dutch).

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