Maverick Advocaten organizes Top Gun event in Tuschinski

After two years of waiting, it was finally time: on June 16, 2022, Maverick Advocaten received her clients, colleague-lawyers, friends, and family in Royal Theatre Tuschinski in Amsterdam for a private film show of the movie ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. The movie is the successful sequel to the original classic ‘Top Gun’ from 1986 with Tom Cruise in the leading role of Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell.

Initially, the release of the movie was planned in 2020, however, due to Covid-19 the release was postponed for two years. This also caused Maverick Advocaten to postpone the event for two years. However, one of these days was not none of these days, and the big theatre in Tuschinski was well-filled with approximately 400 guests.

The visitors were enthusiastically welcomed by Diederik Schrijvershof and Martijn van de Hel, who were collecting money with a penny tray next to the Amsterdam barrel organ ‘The Bandit’. The barrel organ played famous Top Gun songs like the swinging ‘Great Balls of Fire’. Prior to the movie, a playful little movie was shown, in which the impression was created that the partners toured the barrel organ a couple of times to be able to finance the event.

In that movie Tom Cruise was cited, saying:

It’s a film about competition, it’s about teammenship, it’s a journey of a character that is a ‘Maverick’. And he is outside the box, but in the box, do you know what I mean?
He is someone who challenges authority and can’t help himself.

Maverick Advocaten identifies with this quote.

After the movie, there was plenty of time to stay and talk while enjoying a drink in the lobby of Tuschinski. A perfect end to a successful event!

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