Maverick assists food company in NVWA proceedings

Diederik Schrijvershof and Mats Reijman are assisting an international company active in food storage and distribution in proceedings against administrative measures imposed by the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport (hereinafter: ‘the Minister’).

According to the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), a batch of foodstuffs held by the company for its customers does not comply with the legal requirements for foodstuffs set out in Regulation 852/2004 and Regulation 178/2002. The NVWA therefore imposed an order subject to a penalty on the food company on behalf of the Minister. The company was also given notice of the intended imposition of a fine.

The alleged violations were established during an inspection by the NVWA.

Maverick Advocaten regularly assists food companies in proceedings against the NVWA: see here, here and here. See this blog for 10 tips in the event of a dawn raid or a NVWA raid and this blog for 10 tips in the event of a dawn raid or a raid by the Netherlands Controlling Authority for Dairy and Eggs (COKZ). Practical tips on food recalls are provided in this blog.

Information on raids by the NVWA can be found at

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