Maverick Advocaten in NRC about damage claim of Consumer Association against Philips

Martijn van de Hel has been interviewed by NRC Handelsblad (a Dutch newspaper) about the damage claim proceedings started by the Consumer Association against Philips because of prohibited price agreements concerning television screens. NRC writes:

“It is remarkable that Philips is also hold liable for the damage people suffered due to purchasing a television from Samsung or another party that was part of the cartel. „That is because of practical reasons, as the other parties are all located in Asia”, a spokesperson said.

Competition lawyer Martijn van de Hel – not involved in this case – calls this „not unusual” in antitrust cases. He however foresees a „long-lasting legal fight”, about the declaratory judgement and, after that, about the amount of damage.”

See here for the article (in Dutch only).

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