1. What is a sector inquiry?

2. What is e-commerce and what is e-tailing?

3. What is the purpose of the sector inquiry into e-commerce and what does it cover?

4. What are the consequences of a sector inquiry of the European Commission?

5. What is the position of the national competition authorities on e-commerce?

6. What does the European Commission’s sector inquiry mean for (current) distribution agreements?

7. What laws are affected by the sector inquiry into e-commerce?

8. What is click and brick?

9. Does the sector inquiry impact the regulation of e-books?

10. Is the prohibition of internet sales allowed?

11. Is dual pricing allowed?

12. Are minimum prices allowed?

13. Is geo-blocking allowed?

14. What are Internet Minimum Advertised Prices (“IMAPs”)?

15. Are Most Favoured Nation ("MFN") clauses allowed?

16. Are Across Platform Parity Agreements ("APPAs") allowed?

17. Are any fines being imposed related to e-commerce and what can one do to limit risks?

18. What could be the commercial risks of e-commerce?

19. What are the most recent European developments?