Maverick assist Commonwealth with ACM approval of NIBC Co-Investments acquisition

Diederik Schrijvershof and Paul Breithaupt successfully assisted Commonwealth Investments B.V. (“Commonwealth”) in obtaining approval from the Authority Consumer & Market ("ACM") for the acquisition of NIBC Co-Investments Holding B.V. ("NIBC Co-Investments") and the acquisition of a minority stake in Cubics IT Holding B.V. ("Cubics") and CostPerform Group B.V. ("CostPerform").

Commonwealth is an investment company focused on long-term investments in primarily Dutch companies in, among others, the maritime sector, industrial technology and IT services. NIBC Co-Investments is a subsidiary of NIBC Bank, an investment bank, which focuses on minority equity investment activities. In doing so, they operate in sectors such as energy and fuel supply, IT services and real estate management. Both Cubics and CostPerform are active in IT services, and both focus on sectors such as healthcare, logistics and manufacturing.

The acquisition was notified to the ACM on July 14 2023. The ACM approved the acquisition on 2 August 2023.

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