Maverick Advocaten represents Omring and Vrijwaard in second-phase merger investigation

Diederik Schrijvershof is assisting Stichting Omring and Stichting Vrijwaard in obtaining second phase merger clearance from the Authority for Consumers and Markets ("ACM"). On 16 September 2019, ACM imposed a licence requirement on this transaction. The parties applied for a licence on 7 November 2019. During the second phase investigation, ACM will further investigate the impact of the merger on different types of elderly care in Den Helder. Read more about the licence application here and here.

Stichting Omring and Stichting Vrijwaard are both active in the field of elderly care in the region Den Helder. The merger is necessary to guarantee the continuity of care in the region. The Dutch Healthcare Authority has already approved the transaction.

Maverick Advocaten regularly and successfully assists elderly care providers with obtaining merger clearance; see here, here, here, and here.

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