Maverick Advocaten represents Feeture Groep (Penders Voetzorg) in acquisition of OIM Orthopedie’s shoe division

Diederik Schrijvershof and Annabel Kingma successfully assisted Feeture Groep (Penders Voetzorg, Penders Schoenen and CYS) in the acquisition of the orthopaedic shoe division of OIM Orthopedie.

Penders Voetzorg focuses on foot problems and foot-related disabilities. In addition to selling foot care products such as orthopaedic shoes and orthotics, Penders Voetzorg also provides orthopaedic services such as podiatry and medical pedicures. OIM Orthopedie is engaged in the sale of orthopaedic products such as orthoses, prostheses, orthopaedic shoes, support stockings and orthotics. It also provides consultancy services as an orthopaedic consultant. The acquisition concerns the transfer by OIM Orthopedie of its orthopaedic shoes division to the Feeture Group. More information on this transaction can be found in Feeture Group’s and OIM Orthopedie’s press release.

The NZa (Dutch Healthcare Authority) approved the acquisition on 23 February 2022. The ACM (the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets) approved the acquisition on 10 June 2022. According to the ACM, sufficient competition remains on both price and quality (service) and innovation. Although there is overlap between Penders Voetzorg and the orthopaedic shoe branch of OIM Orthopaedics in five regions in the Netherlands, there are sufficient alternative (regional and national) providers active. In addition, competing providers can easily expand their area of operation.

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