Maverick Advocaten replies to public consultation in healthcare

On behalf of the healthcare industry associations InEen, KNMP, LHV, LVVP, NIP, NVOS, P3NL and VPH, Maverick Advocaten has submitted a response to the public consultation for the Regulation for transparency in healthcare purchasing (“Healthcare Purchasing Rules”).

In its response, Maverick Advocaten makes several propositions to further sharpen the Healthcare Purchasing Rules with concrete norms and (minimum) terms. This is in line with the objective of the Healthcare Purchasing Rules to contribute to more transparency in healthcare purchasing. Concrete (minimum) terms and norms make the Healthcare Purchasing Rules easier to use for both healthcare providers and insurers, because they lead to more predictability in the process of reaching agreements. In addition, more concrete (minimum) terms and norms make the rules easier to enforce (faster and more effectively) for the Dutch Healthcare Authority NZa.

Maverick Advocaten already suggested in a blog last summer to review and sharpen the Healthcare Purchasing Rules. For tips and tricks on how to conclude a good contract, see

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