Maverick Advocaten guides ICT company on notification BTI for investment test Investments Screening Bill

Diederik Schrijvershof, Adriaan Craita and Saskia Stolk successfully guided an ICT company in obtaining approval of the Bureau Toetsing Investeringen (Investment Screening Bureau – “BTI”) for the acquisition of an undertaking specialised in critical IT-systems.

The ICT company is part of a large group. The target undertaking is active in the field of sensitive technology. One of the applications of the software that the target undertaking develops can be used for military training.

In November 2023 the investment was notified to the BTI in the context of the notification requirement and investment test based on the Investments Screening Bill (Wet Vifo – “ISB”). In December 2023 the BTI communicated that no screening decision was necessary. With that, the transaction could be consummated.

If you want to know more about the notification obligation and the investment test based on the ISB, please see

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