Maverick Advocaten assists Parnassia Groep with NZa and ACM approvals

Martijn van de Hel and Annabel Kingma assisted Parnassia Groep in obtaining approval from the Dutch Healthcare Authority and the Authority for Consumers and Markets for two transactions:

  1. The full functioning joint venture Fivoor B.V. is allowed to expand its activities with the forensic addiction healthcare activities of Antes Zorg B.V.
  2. Parnassia Haaglanden B.V. is allowed to acquire the high-intensity healthcare activities (specialist mental healthcare) of Fivoor.

Parnassia Groep consists of several healthcare companies that offer mental healthcare. Antes and Parnassia Haaglanden are subsidiaries of Parnassia Groep. Antes is a mental healthcare institution that focuses on the recovery of adults and elderly with (severe) psychiatric disorders. Parnassia Haaglanden is active in the field of clinical and ambulatory (specialist) mental healthcare for adults and the elderly.

Fivoor is the full function joint venture of Parnassia Groep and Stichting Altrecht. Fivoor is primarily active in the field of clinical and ambulatory mental healthcare and forensic care.

The approvals of the NZa were obtained on 3 August 2021. The acquisitions were notified to the ACM on 27 August 2021. The ACM approved the two healthcare transactions within four weeks on 24 September 2021.

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