Maverick Advocaten assists OLVG with obtaining approval ACM and NZa for MC Slotervaart

Martijn van de Hel has successfully assisted OLVG with the approval of ACM and the NZa for the acquired healthcare of MC Slotervaart.

MC Slotervaart has been declared bankrupt on 25 October 2018. OLVG has taken over the healthcare of a number of departments of MC Slotervaart, which guarantees the continuity of care for the patients of MC Slotervaart. ACM and the NZa already granted a waiver for this at the end of 2018.

ACM published its final decision in April 2019. ACM conducted research into patients' decision making behaviour and made analyses of the travel times in the region. ACM concludes from this that patients of MC Slotervaart would in any case have gone to OLVG for the parts OLVG had taken from MC Slotervaart.

Martijn Snoep, chairman of the board of ACM, comments: “This was a special situation. Patients needed to have a solution fast, because of the hospital’s bankruptcy. Many parties worked together to realize this. The provision of health care to patients could not be interrupted. In situations such as these, that is also one of our priorities. At the same time, it is ACM’s job to conduct a thorough assessment of the long-term consequences of this acquisition for patients.”

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