Maverick Advocaten assists Zorg van de Zaak Novadic-Kentron with approval NZa and ACM

Diederik Schrijvershof and Ramesh Kaushik are assisting Zorg van de Zaak and Novadic-Kentron with obtaining approval from the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) and the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). Novadic-Kentron intends to join the Zorg van de Zaak network.

Zorg van de Zaak is a network of companies that focus on, among others, occupational health services, lifestyle care and medical care. With over 4000 employees and more than 60 locations Zorg van de Zaak is active throughout the Netherlands.

Novadic-Kentron is providing addiction care in the province of Noord Brabant in the Netherlands. Adding Novadic-Kentron to the Zorg van de Zaak network contributes to the continuity and future stability of Novadic-Kentron and reinforces the quality of the addiction care of Novadic-Kentron.

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Ramesh Kaushik

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