The Geo-blocking Regulation: a new tool in competition law enforcement

European Commission is finalising a new regulation to stimulate unification of the internal digital market  View blog >

ACM enforces consumer rules mainly informally

Its bark is (so far) worse than its bite.  View blog >

Flexibility within the constraints of procurement law

Case law offers more possibilities for creative and innovative tender bids.  View blog >

E-commerce and competition: new regulations and critical authorities

Competition authorities are increasingly active outside the Netherlands when it comes to online sales.  View blog >

Supervision in the healthcare sector still high on NZa’s and ACM’s agenda

Healthcare insurers on the radar, but no enforcement activities for the time being.  View blog >

Cartel damage claims: court acknowledges assignment model for litigation funders

But in the absence of a cartel decision competition law litigation also pays off.  View blog >

Telecom: focus on roaming and net neutrality

Content is “king” in the competition battle between telecom providers.  View blog >
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