Cartel damage claims: court acknowledges assignment model for litigation funders

But in the absence of a cartel decision competition law litigation also pays off.  View blog >

Telecom: focus on roaming and net neutrality

Content is “king” in the competition battle between telecom providers.  View blog >

Merger control in the Dutch healthcare sector: how to come to a more purposeful regime

Many mergers or acquisitions in the Dutch healthcare sector have to be notified with the ACM. Which amendments envisage a regime of merger control for the Dutch healthcare secotr that does not sideline ACM, but rather having it to assess solely those concentrations that are relevant from a competition law perspective?  View blog >

Merger control: gun jumping on the radar

Mergers are examined thoroughly, on both substantial and procedural aspects.  View blog >

ACM and the cartel prohibition: a hot summer

ACM is increasingly actively focusing on cartels; courts remain critical.  View blog >

Agricultural and food sector: position of farmers and buyer power of supermarkets

The European Commission is investigating whether a purchasing alliance of supermarkets is compatible with competition law. The Commission is also investigating amendments to the Common organisation of the markets (CMO) in agricultural products. Also in the Netherlands progress has been made. We provide an overview of these and other developments in the agricultural and food sector.  View blog >

The Netherlands even more attractive for cartel damages claims

The Netherlands strengthens its leading position in the field of cartel damages claims. Recent bills aim to facilitate damages claims in collective actions and international dispute resolution. Developments in the United States are likely to boost damages claims in the Netherlands.  View blog >
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