Procurement specialist Leyla Bozkurt joins Maverick Advocaten

We are pleased to announce that Leyla Bozkurt will be joining Maverick Advocaten on 1 March 2020.

Leyla specialises in procurement law and state aid law. Leyla has an excellent track record in numerous sectors, such as ICT, construction, healthcare and pharma, education, transport and property. She represents both contracting authorities and tenderers. She also advises on adjacent areas of the law, such as state aid, the Wet markt en overheid (Public Enterprises (Market Activities) Act) and the law of contract. Leyla has broad experience with litigating before the Dutch courts and with the complaint procedure before the Dutch Public Procurement Experts Committee. Leyla is a member of the authors’ team of Sdu Inkoop en Aanbesteding, a pubic procurement knowledge portal. Leyla previously worked at the AKD law firm in Rotterdam and Brussels.

“With Leyla’s arrival a long-cherished wish has come true” says Martijn van de Hel, one of the partners at Maverick Advocaten. “Our clients increasingly call on our help in tendering procedures. That’s why we wish to reinforce our team. We are convinced that Leyla joining our team will place us at the absolute top of the market. Leyla’s personality is a good match for Maverick. She is a practical, client-oriented, innovative and a real team player.”

Leyla: “I am very pleased to be taking this step. The lawyers at Maverick are all experienced competition law specialists, operating at the top of the market. I also find the work atmosphere at the firm to be very pleasant, cheerful and informal. With my procurement law experience, we complement each other perfectly. That can make all the difference for our clients.”

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Contact details

Leyla Bozkurt

T +31 20 238 20 01
M +31 6 53 453 021

Martijn van de Hel

T +31 20 238 20 02
M +31 6 21 210 853

Diederik Schrijvershof

T +31 20 238 20 03
M +31 6 81 364 318